Screenland Opens in the Crossroads


When you enter the unassuming building at 1701 McGee Suite 200 and take a right, you will enter the perfect setup for lovers of beer, food, movies, and games.  If you are unfamiliar with the venue, a friendly host will guide you through and either seat you at one of the couple of dozen tables or let you venture on your own.

I arrived right at 4pm and headed straight for the bar to see what 48 beers they had on tap.  The selection was great, ranging from Perennial Abraxas to new, local brewery Torn Label’s Alpha.  Their cocktails were imaginative and used spirits from the local Dark Horse Distillery.  The food menu was expansive for a theatre, but if you’re not sure what you are in the mood for, you will be limited.  While there’s a great variety for apps, the only choice for entrées are burritos, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Most of the burritos have a default of French fries in the burrito, but can be substituted for rice at no additional charge.  Also, the meat can be substituted for tofu and vice versa for no additional charge.  They use many local products for both the apps and the burritos including Shatto cheese curds and Slap’s BBQ.  There may be a theme here – local.

The service was fine to start and got a bit worse as they got busier, but nothing too intolerable.  A few employees seemed nervous, which is understandable with it being the first day.  Trent the bartender was very friendly, seemed comfortable in what he was doing, and had just the right amount of social awareness.  When I sat down at a table, Erick took over my tab and before ordering another beer, I asked about the New Belgium Firkin that was supposed to be tapped at 6pm.  Erick had no idea what I was talking about and went to find out more.  The keg never made it on the truck so no firkin.  No big deal, plenty of other great beers to try.  However, when you work somewhere you should know about intended specials, whether they happen or not.

So, I ordered a beer and a KC Burrito.  The food came out before my beer and on three separate occasions, Erick told me he’d bring more napkins, but I never got more napkins.  I would suggest putting napkin dispensers at the tables especially when most of the food being served is food that you eat without utensils.  The next beer I ordered was Horny Goat’s Black Vanilla IPA which ended up not being on tap anymore.  Adam, the co-owner, was very helpful in finding me a new beer to enjoy, Stone Reason Be Damned, a Belgian Style Abbey.  Erick served me a Perennial Abraxas.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Perennial Abraxas, I had just already had some and wanted a lighter beer at that point.  I think the wait staff should notice the difference between a stout and an Abbey.  Once I pointed it out, Erick took it away and served me the correct beer, but still no napkins.

Keeping in mind that the Screenland is a theatre, I knew the bill would be a bit pricey.  It really wasn’t too bad considering the quality of beer and food.  $10.50 was the most spent on one item and that was for a 10.5 oz pour of the Abraxas.  And then I noticed Erick charged me for the Horny Goat that I ordered, but didn’t receive because it was out.  After telling Erick about the incorrect charge, he was done with me and sent Adam to my table for the rest of the night.  Adam was understanding and apologetic.  He bought me another drink, took off another drink (neither was necessary, but appreciated), and the original Horny Goat was corrected.  I was upset Erick didn’t come back over at any point just for a quick, “Sorry about all that.  We’re still working out the kinks.”

Arcade games were free all night and will be free until March 1.  I really enjoyed my time at Screenland Crossroads and would highly recommend it.  They’ll get the kinks worked out.

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Boulevardia’s Taps & Tastes Lineup Revealed


Boulevardia has announced this year’s lineup for their Taps & Tastes.  These are the best of the best so make sure you have free time on Wednesday, February 25, at 10am to secure your spot for the Taps & Tastes experience.  Last year, tickets sold out in 20 minutes and there were several problems with the ticketing system.  Even the event itself had its problems, but they’ve learned from last year and have implemented changes including the location of the Taps & Tastes and selling less tickets.

This year will sell out much quicker and be a much better event.

2nd Shift Brewing – New Haven, Missouri

4 Hands Brewing Company – St. Louis, Missouri

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. – Gilbert, Arizona

Bell’s Brewery – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Blind Tiger Brewery – Topeka, Kansas

Boulevard Brewing Company – Kansas City, Missouri

Brasserie d’Achouffe – Achouffe, Belgium

Brewery Ommegang – Cooperstown, New York

Cambridge Brewing Company – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cigar City Brewing – Tampa, Florida

Cinder Block Brewery – North Kansas City, Missouri

Core Brewing Company – Springdale, Arkansas

Crispin Cider Company – Colfax, California

Defiance Brewing Co. – Hays, Kansas

Duvel – Belgium

Firestone Walker – Paso Robles, California

Founders Brewing Co. – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Free State Brewing Company – Lawrence, Kansas

Funwerks – Fort Collins, Colorado

Gella’s Diner and Lb. Brewing Co. – Hays, Kansas

Goose Island Beer Company – Chicago, Illinois

Kansas City Bier Company – Kansas City, Missouri

Lagunitas Brewing Co. – Lagunitas, California

Lakewood Brewing Company – Garland, Texas

Logboat Brewing Co. – Columbia, Missouri

Martin City Brewing Company – Kansas City, Missouri

McCoy’s Public House – Kansas City, Missouri

Mother’s Brewing Company – Springfield, Missouri

New Belgium Brewing – Fort Collins, Colorado

Odell Brewing – Fort Collins, Colorado

Peace Tree Brewing Company – Knoxville, Iowa

Perennial Artisan Ales – St. Louis, Missouri

Piney River Brewing Co. – Bucyrus, Missouri

Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey – San Marcos, California

Prairie Artisan Ales – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project – Somerville, Massachusetts

Public House Brewing Company – Rolla, Missouri

River North Brewery – Denver, Colorado

Schlafly – Maplewood, Missouri

Side Project Brewing – Maplewood, Missouri

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. – Chico, California

Stone Brewing Co. – Escondido, California

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co. – St. Louis, Missouri

Victory Brewing Company – Downington, Pennsylvania


Those are the 44 breweries currently on the list.

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Barleywine Week at Flying Saucer


If you’re craving a more crafty, unique beer this week, Flying Saucer has you covered.  Each night this week, they will be tapping a different barleywine.  These barleywines are some of the best in the world, so if you’ve never had a barleywine before, this would be a great place to start.

Here’s the list:

Monday – Goose Island Bourbon County Barleywine

Tuesday – North Coast Old Stock 2011 & 2012

Wednesday – 2009 Free State Old Backus

Thursday – 2013 & 2014 Founders Old Crumudgeon

Friday – Nebraska Fathead, Southern Tier Backburner, and To Øl Mine is Bigger Than Yours

All tappings are at 7pm and Wednesday night is their “Keep the Glass” night.

barleywineglassSo, what is a barleywine?  A barleywine is a beer that reaches an alcohol strength of 8-12% by volume.  The American style is hoppy and bitter with colors ranging from amber to light brown.  The English style is much different – less bitter and has little hop flavor with more variety in color ranging from red-gold to opaque black.

The modern barleywine was created as a response to the elite’s desires for strong drinks during the conflicts between England and France in the later 18th century.  It was considered an upper class drink for some time.  Anchor Brewing Company introduced the style to the United States with its Old Foghorn Barleywine Style Ale in 1976.

Although it has the word wine in its name, it is indeed a beer because it is made from grain and not fruit.

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Sweetheart’s Stout & Chocolate

Chocolate and Beer

Looking to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowd this Saturday?  Grain to Glass is offering a beer and chocolate tasting tonight at their North Kansas City location.  For $15, sample some of the best stouts paired with chocolates from Askinosie Chocolate.

askAskinosie is a Springfield company founded by former criminal defense lawyer, Shawn Askinosie.  They commit themselves to making their chocolates the highest quality and best-tasting possible.  Each year, they team up with many breweries and beer locations to offer pairings of their chocolates.

If you and your significant other love beer and chocolate, this is a great opportunity to learn what pairs well together.  You’ll be given the chance to ask the experts what other beer pairings, outside of stouts, work well to suit your palate.  Grain to Glass has a selection of great beers that you will be able to purchase and enjoy, away from the crowds, this Saturday.

Sweetheart’s Stout & Chocolate Tasting begins at 6:30pm at Grain to Glass, 1611 Swift, North Kansas City, MO 64116.  For tickets, click here.

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