Take a Trip to Boulevardia


Boulevardia is this weekend.  The event had its faults last year, but they seemed to have corrected some mistakes to make it a much Show Memore fun experience for attendees.  Bands will be performing on three stages, beer will be flowing from several locations, handcrafted goods from local artists will be available for purchase, and there will even be a Ferris Wheel!

The app was released last week with the list of beers during the festival and at Taps & Tastes, including their official festival beer, Show-Me Sour.

We’ll be volunteering on Saturday, taking pictures, and handing out buttons.

Here are the pictures from last year:

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KC Nanobrew Festival Beer List Released


Starting in 2009, a group of Brooksiders decided they like to homebrew and wanted to share that experience with friends, family, and fellow beer lovers, so they created the Annual Brookside Nanobrew Festival.  For the first few years, there were just a handful of beers to be tried, but every year grew bigger.  So in 2012, they upgraded to a larger festival called KC Nanobrew Festival.  This year, over 50 homebrewers will be sharing over 100 of their creative beers.

This festival has spit out several successful breweries including Big Rip Brewing, Cinder Block Brewery, Red Crow Brewing Company, and Rock & Run Brewery.  A few homebreweries to watch for this year include Beagle Brewing Co, The Brewkery, Burrows Brewing, Eye for an Eye Brewing CompanySchuBrew, and Spare Oom.

Tickets are $32.04 (including services fee).  They are limited and will sell out, so if you haven’t purchased yours, don’t wait!

Without further ado, here’s the list:

ACM’s Brewing

  • Fresh Pots! Imperial Coffee Milk Stout
  • American Pale Ale


  • Heliosphere – Honey Kolsch

Bad Cat Brewing Company

  • TACOCAT Chipotle Porter
  • Wake the F**K Up Coffee Porter
  • Slightly Stray Session Ale

Beagle Brewing Co

  • 9 day IPA
  • Royal Gose
  • Coasted Toconut Ale
  • Collabo’d Orange Gose

The Big Rip Brewing Company

  • Black Lager

Brew Lab

  • Vanilla Bean Cream Ale
  • Blood Orange Braggot
  • Summer Saison
  • American Wheat Featuring Madarina Bavaria Hops

The Brash Cellar

  • Le fetter – Hybrid Belgian IPA w/Pomegranate Molasses
  • Kamellia – Kolsch w/Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

The Brewkery

  • Dustin’s Vanilla Porter
  • Not Cho Momma’s Milk Stout
  • The Nutty Farmer
  • Apricot Wit for Brains

Burrows Brewing

  • Chocolate covered cherry porter
  • Cucumber IPA
  • Accidental Snow Globe – Coconut Porter
  • Accidental Blonde – Coffee Vanilla Blonde Ale

BVH Brewery

  • Super Tuscan Stout
  • Mexican IPA
  • Imperial Stout
  • American Pale Ale
  • Hoppy Wheat
  • Session IPA
  • Saison
  • ESB – English Style Bitters

Call Sign Brewing

  • Wrath 11 Amber Ale
  • Beatle 12 Pale Ale
  • Jocky 14 Irish Red
  • Komodo 11 Brown Ale

Cinder Block Brewery

  • TBD

Cliche’ Brewing Company

  • Roots Radical – Farmhouse Ale with Beets, Carrots, Etc.
  • Wild Yeast: Metschnikowia Pulcherrima

Danger Zone Brewing

  • California Common
  • Strawberry Blonde


  • Dangerzone IPA
  • Sasquatch Golden Strong

Devil Dog Brewery

  • Bullet Catcher Pale Ale
  • Bag Nasty Cherry Cider

divergent ales

  • Brevity – Raspberry Cream Ale
  • Lack of Focus – IPA
  • Deep Thoughts – Oatmeal Cream Stout

East Forty Brewing Co.

  • Blue Springs Pale Ale
  • Strawberry Sunset Saison

Evoke Brewing Co

  • Strawbeery Vanilla Ale

Eye for an Eye Brewing Company

  • Coffee Seventh Trumpet – Coffee RIS
  • Parousia – Peach Berliner Weiss
  • A Pale Horse – American Pale Ale

Foamy Gnome

  • Lemon Wheat

H&B Brewing

  • Casked RyePA
  • Weizenbock
  • Agave Wheat

Hard Pour Brewing Company

  • Scottish Ale
  • Papaya Wit
  • Dunkelweizen


  • Kensington Ave Bitter
  • Your New Favorite Cider

Jarboe Brewing

  • American Pale Ale

Javelin Brewing Company

  • Tailwind Tropical Wheat
  • Sage Advice Saison

Johnson County Brewing Society

  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Nuclear Butterflies (Session IPA)
  • Er’body Gettin’ Tipsy – Pale Ale with Spruce Tips
  • It’s Bacon! – Smoked Red Ale

Kansas City Bier Company

  • Dunkel
  • Der Bauer – German Farmhouse Ale

KC Nanobrews

  • F_ _ kin IPA w/Grapefruit – Cask Conditioned

K&J Brewing

  • Berliner Weisse
  • Gose

Libre Brewing Co

  • Farmhouse
  • Farmhouse with Brett
  • IPA
  • Citra Wheat

LongDawg Brews

  • Hell Hound IPA – Flavored w/Macerated Habanero Peppers
  • Hef-Weiner – Barvarian Hefeweizen
  • Happy Tail Pale – American Pale Ale

Lv. 2 Brewing

  • Noble Sword – Dry Hopped Saison
  • Skull Knight – IPA

Moats Brewing

  • The Other Peppered Ale
  • Chinook IPA

Monarch Brewing Co.

  • Vierunvierzig Altbier
  • Strawberry IPA
  • Spruce Tip Pale Ale
  • Bilge Water American lager

Morman Brewing Co

  • Galaxy Far Far Away Session IPA
  • Experimental Pine IPA
  • Wits Happening
  • Ctrl-Altbier-Delete

Motley Brewing Company

  • Dirty Blonde – Blackberry Blonde
  • Flying Blind IPA

Mount Anderson Brewery

  • Vanilla Milkshake Porter
  • Flyover Pale Ale


  • Janis Hoplin beer “me” – Single Hop IPA
  • Bobby McGee – APA

Outlook Brewing Co.

  • GIPA – Grapefruit IPA
  • Scotchy Scotchy Scotch Ale

Phantom Brews

  • Peeping Tom Petite Saison

Red Crow Brewing Company

  • Isabelle – Belgian Blonde
  • Elaine – Saison
  • Norma Jean – Pomegranate Wit
  • Louise – IPA

Rock & Run Brewery

  • Sweet Citrus Saison
  • Draft Punk
  • Goldfinger
  • Backline

Root Sellers, Inc

  • Row Hard Root Beer
  • Pedal Hard Ginger Beer


  • SchuBrew and Friends Barrel Aged Wheat Wine w/Brett
  • Tart of Awesomeness II – The Funk Strikes Back
  • The People’s IPA
  • Peach Float Radler
  • Barrel Aged Apple Jack
  • Hard Root Beer


  • Chocolate Roastey Stout
  • Apple Farm

Sharky’s Brew Tank

  • Remora’s Ruby Red Radler
  • Caribbean Shark Tropical Shandy

Short Wolf Brewing

  • Coffee Stout

Smug Pug Brewing Co.

  • Cincinnati Chili Porter -Chocolate, Cinnamon, & Chipotle Chillies
  • Strawberry Tart Saison – Soured Saison w/Strawberries

Spare Oom

  • Thing 1
  • Thing 2
  • Wheach Ale – Peach Wheat
  • Fighting 69 – Irish Dry Stout

Stuck Truck Brews

  • A Stout?

Sunflower Prairie Brewing

  • White Session IPA
  • American IPA
  • No Bake Porter
  • Mojito Blonde Ale

Supernatural Brews

  • Bourbon Cocoa Coffee Stout
  • Jalapeño Ale

Two Matts Brewing Company

  • Jekyll IPA
  • Hyde IPA
  • First Degree Pumpkin Ale

Urbanwood Brewery

  • Straight from the Cacao – Double Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Brown Post – Cold Brewed Coffee Brown Ale
  • Lupulin Loopy Double IPA

Wagner Homemade Beer

  • Pils
  • Oak-aged Abbey with Tart Cherries

Weeping Angel Brewery

  • Jean-Luc Picard – Belgian Wit
  • Locutus – White IPA
  • Zoe Washburne – Creme Brulee Stout
  • Untempered Schism – Dry Hopped Sour

You You Brewing Company

  • Hazed & Coriand-Fused – Belgian Wits
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New Belgium Clips Beer and Film Review & Pictures

New Belgium

A lot of people knew about New Belgium Clips Beer and Film event as evidenced by the amount of people that were there.  Combined with the perfect weather, this event was a little too small for the Kansas City crowd.  Enough space to put your blanket, but waiting in line for tokens and then beer took up to an hour.  Tokens are great, but when there’s only one location to get them it can be frustrating.  The timing was too small, as well.  With just two hours before the film began, there was a lot to take in.  Boulevardia had the right idea by having multiple locations for tokens and spreading their festival over three days.

The event itself was enjoyable.  Although a bit too “hipster” for my taste, I get what kind of crowd they were trying to entice and there were a lot of them there.  Bicycle valet, food trucks, postcards to send, an old-timey interactive display, a bubble movie set, and beers, of course, were all perks of the event at Theis Park.  New Belgium knows how to make beer, so there were no disappointments there.  Their Film Noir, a festival only release, was as they described – a Milk Dud in a cup and I like Milk Duds.  They were also serving canned beers and sours.

I appreciate the event.  It’s something unique to do outside the same, old (yet still fun) beer festivals Kansas City has multiplied in over the last few years.  I arrived at 6:50pm, but would recommend getting there even earlier.  Cans were being sold to early birds at 6:30pm and it gives you more of an opportunity to check out everything before the crowd arrives.

Here are the pictures:

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Double Shift is Opening and Hiring


Double Shift Brewing Company has announced they will be opening on Saturday, July 11th.    You can’t open a brewery without a little help, though, and that’s why Aaron Ogilvie, founder and head brewer, needs some people who are interested in the beer industry.  Double Shift is now hiring for an Assistant Brewer, a Taproom Manager, and Servers to help with their brewery in the Crossroads.  Send your resume to aaron@doubleshiftbrewing.com.

Double Shift LogoWhen Double Shift opens in July, they’ll open with a pretty solid selection of beers perfect for the hot, summer day.  Hayloft Saison is their traditional take on the classic farmhouse style, Heavy Weight Double IPA will be knocking you out with 127 IBUs and a 10.7% ABV, and a midwest twist on American Pale Ale – 18th Street Pale Ale is brewed with a heavy dose of Kansas Wheat.  They’ll have space in their facility to add barrels to barrel-age and sour beers, but that will be further down the road.

For more information on Double Shift Brewing Company, visit their website or follow them on social media: Twitter or Facebook.

Brew Talks KCOgilvie spoke at the Brewbound Brew Talks event on Monday at Boulevard Brewing Company.  Other speakers include Michael Crane and Steven Hood with Crane Brewing, Jon Poteet with Central States Beverage, and Simon Thorpe with Duval Moortgat USA.  The event was intended for people in the beer industry, but was open to anyone.  It was a great way to socialize, learn, and make new connections.  Pictures are below and visit our YouTube page to see videos of the whole thing.

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